Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Steganos TraceDestructor 12

Steganos Trace Destructor locates and eradicates all instances of detectable traces on your PC to keep it safer.In these days of freedom of information and electronic invasions of privacy, it sometimes seems that anyone can find out what you’re up to anywhere on the web. Most of us don’t have much to hide, but the concept of someone nosing around what you’ve been doing on your PC is still an uncomfortable one. Steganos Trace Destructor is designed to help you cover your digital tracks without having to dig through your folders and alter your browser preferences. And it even does it with considerable gusto.
As Steganos tends to do with many of its security apps, Steganos Trace Destructor is pretty simple to use since it has a one-window interface. You only have to mark off the type of evidence you want Steganos Trace Destructor to remove and hit the big Start Trace Destruction button. Evidence you can choose from includes recently opened documents and temporary internet files, among other things. Once Steganos Trace Destructor is finished there will be no indication to the outside world that you've done anything with those particular files on your PC. You can also choose to eliminate all of these history-revealing files from your computer, which should provide you total peace of mind.
Trace removal is generally a swift process, and that's the case here with Steganos Trace Destructor too. Unfortunately, Steganos Trace Destructor doesn’t generate a report to say what has been deleted, which can make it difficult to track what was wiped. That aside, Steganos Trace Destructor has some neat features, such as a content alarm that provides automatic checks for adult material on your machine, and a shredder for the complete destruction of files. The latter is very useful, as Windows is notorious for leaving breadcrumbs of evidence even when you think you’ve deleted a file.
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