Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wilcom 9.0 Sp4

Welcome to Wilcom ES V9.0. The Wilcom ES products are positioned at the
top of the embroidery design market. Amongst professional embroidery
digitizers, the perceived superiority of Wilcom products is based on the
stitch quality of manufactured designs together with Wilcom ES’s
With the release of Wilcom ES V9.0, we have sought to further improve the
quality of stitched designs as well as digitizing capabilities. This release also
brings some important new features to the Wilcom ES professional range.
First and foremost, explore the innovative capabilities of Fusion Fill™. With
this tool, you can create turning Satin or Tatami Complex Fill objects in
seconds, dramatically reducing digitizing and editing time.
Other important innovations with this release include:
!Stemstitch and Backstitch input tools
!Mirror Merge and Wreath
!Color Blending
!Team Names and Lettering improvements
Wilcom ES V9.0 also brings important new developments in the Design
Workflow™, Wilcom’s professional embroidery management system. This is
included as standard with ES65 or can be purchased separately. For a full
description of new and improved features, refer to the Design Workflow™
V9.0 Release Notes

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