Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wilcom 2006

1 .- Install the Wilcom 2006 running the file " setup.exe " in folder " wilcom2006 WORK ' WITHOUT THE SPANISH LANGUAGE PACK ONLY IN ENGLISH , when we ask for the SQL server, close the window so that not so install , and that is not supported and causes problems Nadama , besides that it is not proved necessary to restart after installation .
2 .- Now that you reboot the machine and closed the windows of the dongle , you go to the folder " sp4 - r2 " and it will find an installer in it , before running give him the right mouse button click and then you go to properties, once there you go to the Compatibility tab and select the mode for "Windows XP SP2 , now install the program and restart .
3 .- Now you go to the folder "New crack 2 "and the file " Install.cmd " you give and then right click propuiedades , then to support and give it to "Windows XP SP2 " and accept , DO NOT OPEN YET !!!!!!
4.- Here comes the interesting part , the file " Install.cmd " we programmed it to install everything automatically, but we noticed that some PC's this is not possible , thus making this method we can modify the registry entries manually without risk the occurrence of a fault in the system , so we will do the following , in the " New crack 2 " installed the following log files in this order:
• MEMORY.reg (takes 21 seconds)
• ETABLE.reg ( Instant )
• DTABLE.reg ( It takes 13 minutes , you can do something else while just installed, lots of patience)
5 .- Now we are going to click the file " Instal.cmd " to the first three questions are going to say no, while everything else we will give permission.
Encounter authorize the installation of the driver is going to show us the window of " Installing devices " IMMEDIATELY dale click, and give the option "Ignore way to search Windows update " That's really proved necessary , if they do not rub them all and have to start again !
6 .- Restart computer encuanto tell us to install and all devices
THAT'S ALL !!!!! enjoy your Wilcom 2006 in Vista / Seven
None SithNai and team rights reserved
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  2. the 3rd link doesn't match with the other, how can i get the right one?

  3. i found this interesting guys
    Wilcom 2006 full version with download link 100% working



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