Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Listary Pro 4

Listary is an excellent find as you type search utility that makes searching items in large unmanageable lists of Windows applications a breeze. It works with items in Windows Explorer Task Manager Registry Editor Windows Desktop file Open Save dialogs and other components.
Favorite and Recent Folders
Speed up your work by gaining instant access to your favorite folders and files. Access any deeply nested folder with a keystroke. Listary also brings recent folders and files at your fingertips from Explorer and File Open Save Dialog box. Last opened file is automatically highlighted for instant access.
Quick Switch
This feature lets a file dialog switch to the folder you are viewing in your favorite file manager instantly or vice verse. Your currently opened folders in all applications are also listed for quick access.
Find as You Type
The powerful find as you type feature lets you browse through large unmanageable lists of files, folders and other entries with incredible ease. Start typing intuitively and watch Listary highlight items for you in real time no matter how large the list is. Type any part of item name and use space as a wildcard to fill in for characters you can not recall. Find your target as quickly as you can type.
Access from Anywhere
Mouse middle click, hot keys tray icon or simply double click on any part of the empty area in Explorer Desktop and standard file open save dialogs Accessing your favorite folders is never so easy
Smart Commands
Run command prompt in current directory show hide file extensions show hide hidden files and folders export list contents to a CS V file that can be opened in Excel copy folder path to clipboard and many more all with a single click or keystroke.
Excellent Keyboard Support
Never take your hands off the keyboard again. Search for whatever you want sift through the list with tab or arrow keys open your list of favorites and recently used files folders with simple hot keys and run Listary Smart commands all using the keyboard.
Total Commander Integration
With the help of Listary you can even use Total Commander to completely replace file dialogs. Directory menu items of Total Commander can also be added to Listary favorite for quick access from anywhere.
Change directory
Enrich your file browsing experience by switching directories and folders by directly typing the path and any part of folder name. The auto completer provides options to choose from as you speed towards your target folder.
Support Various Applications
Listary has perfect support for Windows components like Explorer, Desktop, standard file open save dialogs and browse for folder dialogs. Famous file managers like Total Commander Directory Opus and explorer are also supported. You can also use all features in some utilities like 7-zip WinRAR and FileZilla.
Multi language User Interface
Seven interface languages are available for your own choice.

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