Monday, 6 May 2013

Solar Accounts 3

Solar Accounts is a simple accounting software package designed for self-employed individuals and small business. End the frustration of tax returns by knowing your exact financial position at the end of each month. Stop wasting time sifting through receipts and paperwork by having instant access to your financial records. Get paid faster by tracking who owes you money and producing professional invoices and statements.
Easy to Correct Mistakes:
· Didn't mean to delete that invoice? Just click 'Undo' from the Edit menu. Also, there's no locking of transactions so you can just edit them to make a correction.
Simple Invoices:
· Just fill in one screen to create an invoice, or copy an existing invoice with a single click. You can also add your business logo for that professional touch.
Painless VAT Returns:
· The step-by-step guide will compute your VAT return for you. And when entering transactions there are no 'VAT Codes' to figure out ? just type '17.5%'.
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