Monday, 22 April 2013

Wilcom 8.0

Welcome to Wilcom ES V8.0. The Wilcom ES products are positioned at the
top of the embroidery design market. Amongst professional embroidery
digitizers, the perceived superiority of Wilcom products is based on the
stitch quality of manufactured designs together with Wilcom ES’s
ease-of-use. With the release of Wilcom ES V8.0, we have sought to further
improve the quality of stitched designs as well as digitizing capabilities.
Wilcom ES V8.0 offers new developments in the areas of vector file handling
and object conversion. It also contains major improvements in stitch quality
(specifically underlays), object viewing and selection techniques. In addition
to the existing support for SWF format, Wilcom ES V8.0 now provides for
ZSK TC machine support as well. It also contains improved digitizer tablet
support as well as better integration between ES Designer and Design
Warehouse™. Minor improvements have also been made in the areas of
automatic digitizing, Auto Start and End, undoing modifications to images,
and security.
Our main objectives for the Wilcom ES V8.0 release have been as follows:
 Enhance existing vector file import/export capabilities.
 Enhance vector manipulation techniques for drawing and embroidery
 Improve stitch quality, particularly with regard to underlays.
 Implement machine and file format support for ZSK TC machines.
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