Monday, 15 April 2013

Stardock WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds - change the program for the graphical user interface Windows, after installation by visual design. Styles in WindowBlinds visual style are able to provide animation, sound, alpha transparency of the taskbar, to change the icon on the Toolbar.
Changes the graphical user interface (GUI) operating system and add a GUI some useful options - for example, placing the windows of the new buttons to control the most commonly used applications (including the media player). 
Key features:
• One of the features of the Windows interface can not be overlooked - this is Windows Glass - transparent headers and window frames with different colors with the effect of the glass, which is inherent in the topic has Windows Aero.
• WindowBlinds works by skins - visual styles and themes that let you change the view of many options in Windows. For example, it lets you change the form of icons on the toolbar of the button and the Start menu, menu and dialog borders, taskbar and window titles.
• WindowsBlinds has full support for Windows 7, and according to the developers did not reduce the system performance when using modern graphics cards.
• WindowsBlinds can work with better animation and a new configuration utility skin, such as fonts and colors. Although the interface change is often perceived as something only a pleasant eye Vordel Brad (Brad Wardell) Executive Director of Stardock, said that changing the type of Windows, can also increase productivity and user experience.
• WindowBlinds - a program that was developed for a system of Windows, it allows users to change the look and feel of the system. Modifying the appearance of meaning change title bars, Start menu, various buttons, sliders to scroll through pages and any other element interface Windows. These changes are also incorporated into programs that run on your kompyutere.WindowBlinds change appearance using skins (visual styles or) that can be done by anyone using a free program called SkinStudio ( There are thousands of visual styles that are available to download from sites such as:,,,, and in general povsyudu.WindowBlinds works under Windows Vista and Windows XP. There is also a special modification program - WindowBlinds Classic. It was designed for Windows 2000 and earlier sistem.WindowBlinds uses skins that change the appearance of any element at your own discretion. Unlike Windows, the program also changes, and other applications that are not considered to support a variety of themes and skins. You may have noticed that applying any theme in Windows, some programs will still remain unchanged. This occurs due to the fact that they do not support these same themes. WindowBlinds can change the appearance of even such programm.Esche WindowBlinds advantage in that it uses DirectX acceleration. This allows you to move windows, resize faster than conventional Windows.WindowBlinds not only can change the main form Windows XP, but as the program adds support for the alpha blending. This means that some elements of the interface will look like glass, so you can see what will be behind them. For example, you can see my desktop through the window title bar, buttons will also be transparent, and angles of the windows will no longer be "jagged". And all this was made possible by alpha blending. WindowBlinds uses the skin, which makes XP look like Vista. Companies such as Alienware, among many others, use WindowBlinds, to create custom skins for desktops. This skin of the theme of "Star Wars" came with your computer from the company Alienware. Take a look at how unique and elegant window headers and other parts of the interface. This program allows companies to make yourself your own unique brand, offering users see and experience something new and interesting. In the network there are thousands of the variety of skins for WindowBlinds. Most of them are made by the users. Some users are trying to make Windows look like other operating systems. WindowBlinds allows users to change the toolbar icons in Explorer and Internet Explorer users can change the animation to perform various activities (eg, copying) Download the skin, but not like the color? No problem, WindowBlinds supports changing tsvetaOptsii advanced polzovateleyProgramma can also offer something for advanced users. If you do not mind the look, WindowBlinds can be used as a rather powerful tool for productivity. The program can be configured so that the application window is minimized when you right-click on its title. You can also use skins that have additional features, such as buttons to collapse the window and the button "always on top." Users can attach a separate application separate the skin (or vice versa, to make WindowBlinds to ignore some applications). If you have a special application that works best with a particular skin, you can install it with WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds can change desktop stola.Polzovateli can force the program to change the wallpaper automatically at different times of the day. Moreover, you can create your own collection of wallpaper for your desktop, putting them all over your computer. This makes it more convenient WindowBlinds solution for image management than the standard image viewer..
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