Monday, 8 April 2013

Opera Next

The company Opera Software introduced the next public preview version of its Web browser Opera 12.00. This is an important step in the development of the popular in our part of the browser, as it has added support for hardware acceleration. In the version of Opera 12 is also introduced preliminary support for WebGL, developed by Khronos Group standard for accelerated 3D-graphics directly on web pages.
Of course, while the acceleration is just an experimental feature and assembly relies on OpenGL for cross-platform compatibility, but the progress is noticeable, and in the future promised that the Windows-version of the browser will support the acceleration through DirectX 9 and 10, which will provide better performance under OS from Microsoft. Rendering of the UI, and Web pages will be offloaded from the CPU to the graphics accelerator.
With all these innovations in Opera 12 will be possible to significantly speed up common Web environment, as well as provide an acceptable rate of sites with rich graphics. The developers have resulted in a blog several examples WebGL standard sites, including the game Emberwind.
Opera 12.00 has support for hardware acceleration and WebGL. Like Chrome, the browser uses OpenGL for acceleration. Added support for DirectX and Direct2D. In support OpenGL, there is one big and a distinct advantage. This cross-platform technology, so the hardware acceleration will not only work in Windows, as is the case when using DirectX, but also in Mac OS X, Linux, smartphones and televisions with the browser Opera. IE9 in this respect is much more limited. It only works on Windows, and it supports only the last two versions of the system (Windows Vista and Windows 7).
Support WebGL is a good bonus, but this technology to create 3D scenes in the browser yet few people use the Internet, so for normal users it will provide interest except that in the near future.
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