Saturday, 17 November 2012

Windows 8 Sidebar

One of the features missing in Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 is desktop gadget support. Gadgets are programs that make their functionality directly available on the desktop. They were first introduced in Windows Vista limited to a sidebar area on the desktop, and then improved under Windows 7 where they can be placed anywhere on the screen. Microsoft recently released a security advisory that suggested to disable Windows Sidebar and Gadgets to protect the operating system against security vulnerabilities that exploit the feature.
Microsoft in addition has retired the official gadget directory on the Microsoft website, and removed options to install gadgets on its newest operating system Windows 8.
While there is no official option to add desktop gadget support back to the operating system, there are two unofficial ways to do so. Before you start to install one of the alternatives, I’d like to point out that you should scan the solutions with up to date antivirus software and create a backup of your system before you do so to avoid any issues. At least one solution adds the Windows 8 Release Preview gadgets system to the final version of Windows 8.

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