Thursday, 15 November 2012

Foto2Avi 4.2

Foto2Avi is a freeware video/photo converter to avi/mkv/mp4/mpeg/flv. It is a video editor too. Foto2Avi can create photo slideshows or can be used as a regular video editor in order to cut or join video files. The video result can be exported as a single video file, like avi or as dvd format (dvd authoring). Foto2Avi from the version 3.0 can generate High Definition videos (HD) with quality similar to blu ray. If your video source is good enough or your photos have a decent resolution (more than 4 megapixel) you can easily generate 1080p video films using the x264 codec as encoder from the video settings.
Has special video effects like ...
Transitions (Flippage,Swirl...)
Basic Effects (Brightness/Noise/Fade in/Fade out)
Advanced Effects (Distort, Ripple)
Any of these effects is highy customizable.
You have thousands of effecs right out of the box !
The only limit is your imagination...
Foto2avi supports external audio sounds [ac3/mp3/ogg/wav]
Include audio effects like fade in fade out or echo.
From the version 3.2 dolby surround sound 5.1 is supported as input and as output.
Foto2avi can trim audio and video streams with milisecond precision.
You can edit your sounds and synchronize them with your videos.
Save your work as *.f2a (foto2avi project file) and reload it later.
Foto2Avi is easy to use after a couple of minutes using it, you will be able to produce your own films.
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