Friday, 2 November 2012

Comodo Time Machine

Comodo Time Machine - a great alternative to the standard system restore Windows (Windows System Restore), but with more features for setting up recovery points. With Comodo Time Machine can make "snapshots" of not only the system as a whole, but individual user data. That may be useful to users and have large collections of music, video, photos, and so on. Also in case of unbootable system, with programs there is a "boot console" with which you can roll back the recent changes and return the system working state.

Changes in Comodo Time Machine 2.8.24214.178:
- FIXED! System occasionally fails to start up if operating system is installed on 2nd hard disk.
- FIXED! Solved all problems of Windows Hibernation.
- FIXED! Failed to install CTM when system partition is NTFS format.
- FIXED! Failed to Reset Baseline when write much data in some special environments.
- FIXED! "Delayed write failed." prompted when free space is very low.
- FIXED! Failed to startup after update.
- FIXED! Disable Windows defrag feature. CTM is incompatible with Windows 7's Defrag.
- FIXED! More than 30 GUI bugs.
- IMPROVED! Added automatic checking for updates feature.
- IMPROVED! Compatibility of installation.
- IMPROVED! Pass driver verifier verification.
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